Sega Genesis

Year released: 1989

Just Blaze: "People have this perception that I'm this video game fanatic and it's really not the case. But, anyone who was 12-years-old in '88 wanted that Sega Genesis and I was the only one who had it. Moms freaked it, though: That's all I wanted for Christmas. Christmas day is happening and I'm getting socks, underwear, random nonsesne. The whole Christmas morning goes by and I'm just like, Aight, I got mad socks and underwear. My Mom tells me to go get the phonebook from underneath a table in the den. I go to get the phonebook and there's this box. I pull the box out and I see the Altered Beast on the cover. Then, my Aunt, who was with us for that Christmas, came out the back with like 30 games. That was my crazy video game phase—12 to 15."  

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