Midi Workshop

Year: Circa 1989

Just Blaze: "Going back to the Tandy 1000, my Aunt got a Tandy 1000 EX and she gave it to us and we used to use it for nonsense. But I remember watching a Soul II Soul video for "Back To Life" that a dude had a computer in one performance scene. So I went to Software Ect in Willowbrook Mall and said, "I need a program for a computer that makes music." And they show me a program called Midi Workshop. It was a way for to sequence music on your computer. I used it for a while, didn't get anything out of it. But it came with this cable that had an adapter that plugged into your joystick, and on the other end had a "Midi In" and "Midi Out". I didn't know what Midi was. After being so disappointed in the JS 30, I look at the back and see "Midi In" and "Mini Out". Sure enough I plug the cable in and fire up the RadioShack program and hit a button on the mouse and it triggered a sound on the Roland. I was like, Wait a minute. I could sample sounds into this and sequence it using the computer. That's when the Roland JS 30 became important for me because it was the first sampler I could use to make a beat on."

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