Gemini Flash Former

Year released: 1988

Just Blaze: "One of the next gadgets would be the Gemini Flash Former. Grandmaster Flash endorsed it—he may have helped design it. DJs used to do the transformer scratch using the line switches on the mixers. Say you have a two-channel mixer, for each channel you would have a phono-level signal for the turntables and a line-level signal for the cassette, and these line switches would be the way you would toggle between getting the phono level input on this channel or the line input into this channel. One of the DJs—I thin it may have been Jazzy Jeff, or Jeff may have perfected it—came up with a trick called the transformer scratch where they would take the line switch and flip it really fast while they scratched on the record. It was called the transformer scratch because it sounded like the sound the Transformers made when they transformed.

"So, Gemini came out with this box that was an easier way to transform. Basically, instead of having the flip line switches, you could just tap buttons. It had an "in" switch and an "out" switch: when it was out, the buttons weren't active, the record would just play. When it was in, the buttons would cut off and it would only engage when you tapped the buttons. You tap the button you hear the record, you let it go you don't hear it. I had the RadioShack mixer when I was in sixth grade, I didn't have regular line switches they were more like light switches, so I couldn't do the transformer scratches. When I got that it enabled to learn and perform transformers scratches, and it was endorsed by Grandmaster Flash." 

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