Boobs and Goombas: A Super Mario Bros. Burlesque at Gorilla Tango

CITY: Chicago
ADDRESS: 1919 N. Milwaukee Ave.
TIME: Every Friday & Saturday, 11 p.m. (until Aug. 27)

Really, we're not sure that we can sell this better than the show's title already does. Combining near-naked dancing ladies with the beloved Nintendo video game, "Boobs and Goombas" will take you back to that middle-school era when sex and video games occupied most of your waking—and dreaming—thoughts. No pixilation here; just real people. We know that can be scary for some of you former gaming addicts, but know that everyone else in the audience understands the feeling of a square controller in damp mitts just as well as you do.

Oh, and the audience members are encouraged to bring coins to throw onstage. Power up.