Dream Cast: Tim Roth as Spider Jerusalem, Steve Carrell as Gary Callahan
Dream Director: Sam Raimi
Warren Ellis’ Transmetropolitan is a post-cyberpunk orgy of political satire and raunchy humor. Focusing on the X-rated exploits of star newspaper columnist Spider Jerusalem, Ellis' main character makes Hunter S. Thompson look like a Baptist Minister. Rarely is Jerusalem seen without a bottle of prescription drugs and seldom does he wear pants. Transmetropolitan's nihilism would give these cookie cutter comic book films a much needed dose of cynicism.

Featuring everything from a chain-smoking two-headed cat to a kitchen appliance that spends its days getting high, Jerusalem’s world is a dilapidated mess. It would take a hard R-rating and some testicular fortitude on the part of studio executives to actually get the material right. 

If comic books themselves have gone to great pains in order to prove that they aren’t only for kids, then movies have to do the same thing by introducing a little gratuitous sex and foul language. And if it's sex and violence that the people want, then there isn't a better person than Spider Jerusalem to bring those sordid pleasures to the masses.