Dream Cast: Joel Courtney (Super 8) as Gus, Sam Elliot as Jepperd
Dream Director: John Hillcoat
Even though Sweet Tooth hasn’t been around all that long, it has quickly accumulated critical acclaim and easily takes the mantle once held by Sandman and Preacher as the best book at Vertigo Comics.

Set in a post-apocalyptic world where a new generation of humans are being born as animal hybrids, Sweet Tooth focuses on a young deer/boy named Gus as he attempts to navigate the dangerous wastelands of America. Along the way, he befriends various others that share his same affliction, as well as malicious hunters who are trying to track down these hybrids and sell them into slavery.

Written and illustrated by Jeff Lemire, Sweet Tooth would make for a perfectly grim fantasy that has the ability to both break viewers' hearts and leave them with some hope. It may not be the most upbeat comic available, but a talented director would be able to make the more depressing story beats seem less overbearing. Look at a movie like 2009’s The Road, directed by John Hillcoat, as a perfect example of how, sometimes, even the most somber material can be portrayed beautifully.