Dream Cast: Jonathan Rhys Meyers as Morpheus, Mila Kunis as Death
Dream Director: Alfonso Cuaran
Neil Gaiman’s sprawling, nightmarish epic, released through DC/Vertigo in the '80s and '90s, is arguably the best ongoing comic book in the medium's history. Gaiman deftly blended myth, fairytales, and horror into one sophisticated and moody title. With a stable of beautiful artists and memorable characters, Sandman remains a must-read for anyone who even thinks that they like comics.

Revolving around the god of dreams, Morpheus, and his dysfunctional siblings (most notably his sister, Death), Sandman could be truly unique, though quite expensive, comic book film. The nuanced characters and complicated conflicts would be a welcome change of pace from recent stagnant forays into the genre, and the potential for gorgeous sets and imagery could very well outdo the Lord of the Rings or Harry Potter franchises in terms of epic grandeur.

The book’s first story arc, Preludes and Nocturnes, is best the tale to adapt for the first film. Spanning generations and taking Morpheus straight into Hell, the story serves as a great introduction into Gaiman's twisted world, and it wouldn't throw too much at the audience too quickly. 

With a visionary director and a screenwriter not afraid to introduce some intelligence to a summer tentpole, Sandman is a potential blockbuster just waiting to happen.