Starting with the debut of Hal Jordan as the new Green Lantern in 1959, DC Comics ushered in the Silver Age of comics. It was an era of great innovation for the industry and saw updated versions of classic characters such as the Flash, Hawkman, and the Atom debut. Still, no one captured the imagination of fans more than GL, armed with nothing but a power ring and witty remarks. Jordan has been part of one of the most critically acclaimed and important comics of the past few generations.

With his domino mask and form fitting Spandex, Green Lantern may look like any other superhero, but his dynamic use of his power ring separates himself from DC's other do-gooders. That ring, which can construct solid-light versions of whatever its wearer imagines, has allowed artists to create some of DC's most jaw-dropping imagery. Dozens of artists have tried their hand at crafting his world in a unique way, but only a talented few have truly made a lasting impact. With the Green Lantern’s effects-laden film debut, which tries to capture some of that visual magic, hitting theaters this week, we’re counting down The 10 Best Green Lantern Artists.

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