To become a truly memorable comic book hero, your look has to kick as much ass as you do. (And to make Complex's countdown of The 50 Best Costumes in Comics, it needs to kick a lot of ass.) It's no coincidence that people, regardless of region, can instantly recognize Batman’s pointy ears, the "S" shield on Superman’s chest, and Spider-Man’s red and blue tights. When a hero has found their iconic body armor, cape, mask, or even a suitable haircut, it shouldn't be messed with. And yet comic book companies have repeatedly tried to expand fan bases and appeal to new generations by giving classic characters makeovers. It rarely works out for the best (see: comics in the 1990s). Fortunately, comic execs have learned from past mistakes. This week, Marvel launches its "Point One" line, which aims to attract new readers for its characters with simpler story lines that don't require you to know 40 years' worth of back stories. We applaud this forward thinking, and also use it as a moment to reflect on the 10 worst comic character redesigns, so hopefully the comic world never makes these mistakes again.

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