14. GHOST RIDER (2007)

One of the most important questions a Hollywood executive can ask is, “Who's the movie's star?” And, nowadays, when Nicolas Cage is the answer, there's a 95% chance that the film will be complete garbage.

The worst part about 2007’s Ghost Rider is that the character really does have potential. A flaming skeleton who rides a motorcycle and sends people to hell is rather badass, but not when you hire the guy who directed Daredevil to call the shots.

Comic heads weren't quick to believe Cage as a stunt cyclist in his 30s, nor would they buy into the notion that Eva Mendes wanted to jump his flaming bones. And, of course, there's the awful final fight, in which Ghost Rider battles an emo kid (Wes Bentley) who looks like he just got out of a Minus the Bear concert.