Weren't cool-guy enough to catch Scenes From The Suburbs, Spike Jonze's short film collaboration with Arcade Fire, at its Berlin premiere or in Austin at SXSW? Sucks for you, but you won't be in the dark forever. On June 27th, the short will be premiering for the masses on the online cinema site MUBI. According to The Playlist, a DVD of the film will also be available on August 2nd, packaged in a deluxe edition of Arcade Fire's kick-ass album The Suburbs along with an 80-page booklet of film stills and lyrics.

The 28-minute film, which Jonze co-wrote with Arcade Fire brothers Win and Will Butler, expands upon the director's dystopian music video for "The Suburbs", which depicted bored suburban youth milling about and going insane in their town, which is eerily under police and military control.

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