Just today, CNN reported that the Netherlands is taking measures to bar foreigners from the marijuana-selling "coffee shops" so many individuals travel to Amsterdam to enjoy. We know—you don't know whether to reach for your lighter or dab away the tears welling up in your eyes. The Dutch Cabinet has proposed "Weed Pass," a piece of legislation that will turn the coffee shops into private clubs with capped membership lists that non-citizens won't be able to get on.

However, Amsterdam is not going to passively let the government snuff out their good time and the good times enjoyed by so many tourists.

"The Dutch government has decided upon this for the whole of the Netherlands. Amsterdam doesn't want it," said Machteld Ligtvoet of the Amsterdam Tourism & Convention Board. We're cheering this woman on.

The 2011 Cannabis Cup, held from November 20 to 24, will not be affected by this, but we can't say the same about the 2012 event. Because of this, High Times is urging anyone interested in enjoying a free Amsterdam to attend this year's event. Here's to hoping that the Dutch Cabinet has collectively fallen down and bumped its head, and that we need only wait for them to realize that they're being boneheads.

[via CNN]

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