So imagine for a second that you're 2K Sports. Your latest basketball title is dropping October 4, and you buy some commercial time during the NBA Finals to drum up anticipation. So far, great idea.

Now, you likely have some decent animations from the new game that you could use. Something really polished, something that draws new gamers in and hints at things to come for the hardcore NBA 2K fans. But instead, you use NBA 2K11 to simulate many of the year's playoff games. Which would be good, except that with all the Westbrooks and Pauls and Durants and Bynums (!) and Garnetts in the ad, you use a grand total of one player still playing (Dwyane Wade). No LeBron, no Mavs, not even a Chris Bosh. So tell us again, 2K: why'd you spend all that money just to do something so weird?