2. Galaga: 30th Anniversary Edition (iOS)

A left joystick for moving side-to-side and a button on the right for shooting at enemies on the top of the screen. Video games don’t come much older than Galaxian, which was released way in 1979—back when Kobe Bryant was in diapers and Shigeru Miyamoto was still doing belly shots. Thirty-two years later, the game that helped introduce background music and the idea of actually telling us how many lives we had left is back. To celebrate the 30th birthday of another iconic shooter, Galaga, Namco is releasing the 30th Anniversary Edition, and it starts with a free version of Galaxian that will keep you occupied and challenged for days. Which is why you'll never even get to all those $2.99 versions of Galaga.
VERDICT: 32 years young, and Galaxian can still challenge and frustrate. Although we’re not throwing our iPad into a wall…yet.