Complex just put together their list of the 50 best strip clubs in America, but no joints from Gary, Ind., made the list. Last week Freddie Gibbs, Gary's first son, came through the office to clue us to what his hometown has to offer. It should come as no surprise to anyone familiar with the emcee's mixtapes that he dished intensely and without reservation. Gibbs doesn't mince words.

Interview by Ross Scarano (@RossScarano)

Complex: What's the strip club situation in Gary?

Freddie Gibbs: The two strip clubs in Gary that I frequent are really drug dealer-based. That’s what you usually go to the strip club for, to sell drugs to the strippers and congregate with other drug dealers in a somewhat safe environment. And the environment I felt most safe in was at Black Cherri [6900 Melton Rd, Gary] or Shangri La [6225 Melton Rd, Gary]. Those are the two main strip clubs in Gary. Like I said, you go to congregate with other hustlers. You know, go look at a couple bitches. But, you know, the bitches ain’t new. They the same bitches you see everywhere else, so they don’t really excite me like that. Mainly, niggas in Gary, man, we bring the strip club to our house.

Complex: You also live in L.A. now—is the strip club scene there an improvement?

Freddie Gibbs: L.A. strip clubs suck. I don’t even go to L.A. strip clubs, I’m going to keep it real. They don’t even… If there’s liquor, bitches ain’t even all the way naked. It’s a bikini bar. If they all the way naked, there’s no alcohol. So a strip club in L.A. is irrelevant. You might as well get a fucking call girl and call it a night. But I can tell you about strip clubs in Atlanta, though. Jeezy took me to all the strip clubs in Atlanta.

Complex: Do you have some favorites down there?

Freddie Gibbs: Hell yeah. Magic City [241 Forsyth St. SW, Atlanta] and Onyx [1888 Cheshire Bridge Rd, Atlanta]; them my favorite spots.

Complex: What was best about them?

Freddie Gibbs: With Magic City, I’m going to say it's best because the bitches is acrobats. I’ve seen two bitches get on the pole and, like, ride that shit down. I mean, they made themselves into a human bicycle and they rode down and they rode up. So you gotta love Magic City for the theatrics. That’s why the shit's called Magic City.

Freddie Gibbs: And Onyx, they just have the prettiest bitches. A bitch in there you might just want to pull out the club and marry, if you a sucker ass nigga, you know what I mean? But there are some bad bitches in Onyx.

Freddie Gibbs: I just went to Miami's King of Diamonds [17800 Northeast 5th Ave.] for the first time. That shit was beautiful. I seen this bitch...the pole had to be like 50, 100 feet in the air or some shit, and she slid down that shit and put the brakes on right when she got to the bottom, I swear to God. It’s amazing. These bitches need to have a stripper circus. I think I’m going to start that shit if I get on. Fuck these niggas that be breathing fire and playing with monkeys—stripper bitches is talented. Think about that shit. Maybe Complex can get on and fuck with me. Let’s do that shit, my nigga. Stripper circus. Freddie Gibbs. And if somebody take my idea, I’m going to come fuck you up.