WHERE: 142 Franklin Street, Brooklyn
WEBSITE: pencilfactorybar.com

Co-Signed by: Noah Johnson, Senior Editor


DRINK OF CHOICE: Pint of Blue Point Toasted Lager with a Jameson sidecar

The name doesn’t make it sound all that exciting. And truth be told, it isn’t. That’s what’s so great about The Pencil Factory. Because here’s the thing about summer in New York: it sucks. It’s hot enough to melt the soles of your Dunks and there are tourists everywhere. Come beer-thirty, your only hope for repose is a dim, air-conditioned bar in an out-of-the-way neighborhood.

The Pencil Factory is that bar. You can sit out front under the awning for some quality Greenpoint bird watching while you sip a pint, or cool off inside at the long mahogany bar. There are enough craft brews on tap to keep the worst beer snobs satisfied (and plenty of Buds in the cooler), and pressed ham and cheese sandwiches on the menu all night.

There are definitely more exciting places to be in New York. And please, by all means, go to those places. Leave the peaceful booze havens like The Pencil Factory for those of us who need an escape this summer.