If there is one indelible image to take away from the second season of Community, it's Magnitude saying his ridiculous catchphrase, "Pop! Pop!" Now, thanks to TheWrap, fans can understand just how creator Dan Harmon and his writing staff came up with the literally one-note character.

"We were talking about the Valentine’s Day episode," said writer Adam Countee, "where Chang hosts a party at Jeff’s apartment and this colorful cast of characters just shoehorns its way into Jeff’s life. We were talking about what those guests were going to look like, and I just threw out this bit about a guy who comes in and goes, Yo-yo-yo-yo-yo-yo-yo-yo!'" That stream of yo's turned into "pop! pop!" and the "guy" turned into Poochie. Only problem: The Simpsons had already named a throwaway character with a catchphrase "Poochie," so an alternate name was needed. Thus, Magnitude was born.

"I couldn’t be sure which one I liked the most," said Harmon about the name finalists. "Event Horizon, I remember, was one of the finalists. It’s like, 'Don’t tell that to Event Horizon! Pop! Pop!' And Magnitude was one of them. In the end, I really liked Magnitude because I realized that the reason he calls himself Magnitude is because it stands for Magnetic Attitude."

Magnitude (played by actor Luke Youngblood) has seen his screentime rise throughout the season, and he will factor in the finale. And now you know way more than you ever wanted to know about at bit player on Community with the funniest catchphrase of 2011.

[Via TheWrap]

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