The iPad's only weak point lies with its virtual keyboard. Unlike the iPhone on which you could easily tap away on, the iPad's larger keyboard makes it a little more difficult to quickly bang out anything longer than 50 words. You could buy a Bluetooth keyboard, but that means carrying around another gadget, negating the lightness and portability of the tablet. We may have stumbled onto a solution: the iKeyboard

Basically just an overlay that rests on the virtual keyboard, the iKeyboard is said to make it easier for iPad users to touch-type, making it so users no longer have to look down at the keyboard when they peck out a message. The experience, according creator Cliff Their, is supposed to be akin to a real keyboard. 

Right now iKeyboard is only a Kickstarter project, but Thier has managed to pass his monetary goal by over $10,000 meaning that the iKeyboard will (probably; hopefully) get made. There's no word on price or availability as of now. Keep checking the iKeyboard Kickstarter page for updates. 

[via LikeCool