After dealing with the sadness surrounding Michael Scott-less (well, Steve Carell-less, really) season finale, we came to realize that The Office hits freakishly closer to home than we initially thought. With dysfunctional management, creeps sitting in nearby cubicles, and the occasional lunchtime ice cream parties, Dunder-Mifflin serves as a heightened version any of real-life workplace lifer's world.

And then there are the beautiful ladies who walk your office's halls and always seem out of reach. You know the ritual: Once a guy hears that the new female hire is attractive, eyes shift from boring Excel spreadsheets and onto the new girl. She makes those always welcomed ice cream parties seem like Spam buffets by comparison. So, of course, amongst the veteran Phyllis' and the Meredith's of The Office, the Karen, Erin, and Kelly types are nicely burned into our brains.

Now, let's take a look at the sights-for-sore-eyes that have provided breaks from the homogeneity of Dundler Mifflin over the years. Or, as we like to call them, The 10 Hottest Women On The Office.