Tech N9ne says: I always really secretly dug Lil' Kim. I wouldn't have said that at first but I've always secretly dug her; maybe not "secretly" 'cause I wrote a song about it. I think her voice is amazing, the way she busts rhymes and shit. She's sexy, too. I liked her with her regular nose and regular lips. I still got pictures of her when she was regular. She was way better to me natural. I still like her as a Barbie doll. She's like a blow-up doll to me; I still like her that way, too.

I remember I wanted her to be the lady as a tiger on the inside of my Killer [album] cover. She was my first choice but she wanted seventy-five thousand. I was like, "Damn lady!" I ain't got that much in my budget at that time. So, I didn't get her with me. Maybe one day I'll do a song with her.