Currently the leader in this week's competition for strangest thing to wash ashore, a large, groggy man in a wetsuit lumbered out of the Atlantic at Jones Beach yesterday. Pablo Perez of Queens had a gun inside his wetsuit which authorities had to cut out of said wetsuit. He was delirious with dehydration, claiming he'd been at sea for days.

Perez claimed he'd been fishing in a small raft that came detached from the boat it had been tied to, hence his birth from the sea. To simulate the experience, all day we're watching the Joe Pesci/Danny Glover gem, Gone Fishin', a movie with the tagline "big laughs." It tells the tale of two bumbling fisherman. Had Pesci and Glover been with Perez on his bumbling fishing trip, we're thinking a good tagline might've been "big death."

[via the Village Voice]

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