Ever since 3D lept into multiplexes everywhere in the wake of Avatarpalooza 2009, there's been lots of hand-wringing about the effect embracing the technology is having on Hollywood. Now, thanks to a new report in The Boston Globe, we get concrete evidence that 3D is literally making even the 2D movie-going experience worse. That's because a lot of theaters are now using 3D lenses even when they're showing 2D movies, which can have a drastic dampening effect on the brightness and color of the picture.

3D technology requires using polarized lenses that have the effect of reducing the total amount of light projected on to the screen (using 3D glasses actually dims the image even further). So by leaving the 3D lens on the projector during 2D movies, theaters are providing a darker, more muddled image without the added benefit of a third dimension. Why is this happening?

The Globe says theaters that have this problem (including some owned by AMC, Regal and National Amusements) are using a Sony 4K projector, which requires advanced know-how and security passwords for adding and removing lenses. A lot of movie staff on-hand throughout the day simply haven't been given the training to outfit the projectors properly.

So there you have it. Many movie theaters are showing 3D films at the gross detriment of their 2D offerings. Why? Because they're lazy.

[The Boston Globe via Geekosystem]

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