Deadline reports that Pharrell Williams has been tapped to bring his unique imagination to Karmaloop TV as the new Creative Director.

The stylish renaissance man will team up with the online streetwear retailer to facilitate the company's launch of a network later this year that'll target "the tech-and-trend-savvy 18-to-34 demographic". After becoming one of the twenty most viewed channels on YouTube (now competing with Netflix and iTunes), Karmaloop CEO Greg Selkoe says the addition of the N.E.R.D. frontman means adding "one of the most influential cultural creatives and business minds in America today."

Karmaloop TV is an offshoot of the 10-year-old website, headed by former president of the AMC cable channel, Katie McEnroe.

Let's hope that the equity-stake-earning, and Grammy-winning, Williams will usher in the new age of music television that has yet to be recreated on the Internet, not to mention teach the masses about the correct way to wear a bowtie.

[Via Deadline]

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