Baffled by companies that make Facebook games and iPhone apps being valued at millions and billions of dollars? Well, how much would you pay for a company working on tech that would enable you to READ MINDS?

Probably lots. NeuroVigil, a startup that is developing non-invasve brain scanning technologies, has announced that its first round of funding has gone swimmingly, with the company pulling in enough cash for "twice the combined seed valuations of Google's and Facebook's first rounds." Google had an estimated value of $75 million after its first cash infusion back in '99, and Facebook was valued at $98 million during its first round. So that means that NeuroVigil is probably already worth $250 million... And that's before basically anyone has heard of it.

Currently, NeuroVigil's main product is the iBrain, a cap worn on the head that tracks brain activity while you sleep. The company says it's working on all new technologies for measuring and interpreting brain activity, which could theoretically be used for everything from interfacing with computers to predicting Alzheimers disease.


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