Kristen Wiig is having quite a moment in 2011, thanks in no small part to the buzz surrounding Bridesmaids, a comedy she co-wrote. But not everything the funnywoman of the moment touches turns to gold, as witnessed by the announcement that two of her recurring Saturday Night Live characters are no more.

In an interview with TIME, Wiig reveals that she will no longer do sketches involving "Penelope" (the passive aggressive one-upper) or "Gilly" (the psychotic school girl). That sound you heard was every regular SNL watcher applauding in appreciation.

Make no mistake: while Wiig is a very funny member of the SNL troupe, those are two of her worst characters. An appearance from either inevitably led to gear-grinding stops in the flow of the show, while their twin one-joke premises were barely enough to sustain one sketch, let alone many.

Of course, this could all be academic; with only three SNL episodes left in the season, and the prospect of this potentially being Wiig's final year on the show (since she's becoming a movie star, naturally), perhaps Gilly and Penelope were done anyway. Either way: rejoice!

[via TIME]

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