It's only a matter of time before some mad scientist figures out a way to download human consciousness directly into a machine. When that day comes, the robots will rise up, humanity will fall, and video games will be really, really immersive. And probably be lethal. But it hasn't happened yet! And until then, we're free of cybernetic oppression stuck using controllers as our primary method of interacting with video games. We all know the classics, with their buttons and sticks and ergonomic grips, but there's a whole world of controllers out there that flout such conventions. Controllers that pack more buttons than a nuclear plant control room, controllers that take the shape of lethal weapons—in short, controllers that range from cool to quirky to bizarre to homemade to just plain stupid. And we're running down our 25 favorites, before our AI overlords arrive and delete our saved games….

By Stu Horvath