18. THE WICKER MAN (2006)

Neil LaBute’s ill-advised remake of the brilliant 1973 British horror flick The Wicker Man needed a hell of a lot more than just female nudity. Try, a different director, a leading man not named Nicolas Cage and whose acting career hasn’t devolved into a bad joke, and less bear costumes. Actually, LaBute and his partners in moviemaking crime should’ve never touched the strange and mesmerizing original.

They did, though, because Hollywood’s least creative suits have yet to come across a potential genre reboot they didn’t want to botch. The only way to salvage The Wicker Man is to imagine your own version, one in which the all-female cult’s younger members practice rituals and chant to harvest gods while in the buck-naked. Cage would yell “The boobies!” instead of his now-infamous and horribly delivered line “The bees!"

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