Going into this perky comedy, one might expect a flick that could motivate young girls longing to become rock stars, or make close-minded dudes reconsider all of those old jokes at Lilith Fair’s expense. Instead of a fun, musical romp, though, Josie And The Pussycats boasts an overly bubbly performance from Rosario Dawson and an extra-ditzy Tara Reid alongside a slew of other grating characters. And the songs are the type that incubate in your head and lay rotten eggs.

We’re pretty sure that girl groups with only sexy members have plenty of groupies, an aspect that the makers of this forgettable movie overlooked—there’s ample opportunity for sex scenes, albeit in an R-rated version. Though, our warped minds keep casting ladies in the star-struck, and willing to do anything, fan roles.

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