11. VALENTINE (2001)

Released a bit too late for its own good, the totally atrocious Valentine hopped on Hollywood’s post-Scream, masked-killer-on-the-loose bandwagon a year after Scary Movie lampooned the slasher genre. Only notable for its bevy of gorgeous stars, including Marley Shelton, Denise Richards, and Katherine Heigl (back when she was smoking hot), Valentine isn’t even well-made enough to churn any campy fun out of its cliché-ridden script.

If only the filmmakers had ripped off pre-Scream slasher flicks; you know, the ones that encouraged soon-to-be female victims to have rampant sex, take long showers, and evade the killer while topless. It’s not like Denise Richards wouldn’t have been down for the cause; we’ve all seen—better yet , ogled—Wild Things, right?

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