13. FULL FRONTAL (2002)

Julia Roberts has done it all—received multiple Oscar nominations, won one for Best Actress, topped Hollywood power lists, and proven herself to be one of the few financially bankable A-list actresses in the industry. But there is one thing we’ve been hoping Roberts would do ever since his cutesy turn as a hooker in 1990’s Pretty Woman: show us the award-worthy goods underneath all of those business suits and designer dresses.

When she played a dual role in Steven Soderbergh’s low-budget, film-within-a-film dramedy Full Frontal, it seemed as if our dreams were finally about to be fulfilled—it’s called Full Frontal, for crying out loud! But it turns out that the title is just some metaphorical term alluding to how the movie exposes the film industry’s inner workings, or something to that effect. Alas, still no nudie Roberts, and yet another meta Hollywood flick that’s more pretentious than entertaining.

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