17. BLUE CRUSH (2002)

Female surfers, as a rule, are toned, fans of minimal clothing, and attractive, which is definitely the case in this adequate drama about a board-riding chick who falls for a football player. Kate Bosworth plays the main surfer girl, while Michelle Rodriguez and the lesser known, but damn cute, Sanoe Lake co-star as her best friends. And, yes, all three of them spend the majority of Blue Crush in two-piece swimwear. So there’s that.

Yet we find it hard to believe that the ladies are able to ride ferocious waves without their tied-on bikini tops ever coming undone. Shots of that nature would’ve given Blue Crush a fair amount of believability, at least in our eyes. Shit, we could’ve accepted a “Bloopers reel” on the DVD dedicated to just that. We’re not fussy.