19. BELLY (1998)

Starring: Nas, DMX, and Method Man
Why it sucks: First off, let’s give respect where it’s due: Visually, Belly is a triumph. Hype Williams pulled out all of the surface level stops in his first feature film; look no further than the movie’s neon-lit opening sequence, set against “Back To Life.” Had Belly been a silent movie, it’d hold up as a true stunner.

Whenever the actors speak, however, Belly’s true colors shine through. There’s hardly one original idea at work in this mishmash of gangster movie clichés, which pilfers from Goodfellas, Scarface, Casino, and everything in between.

And it doesn’t even steal well. Its biggest offender is Nas, who’s hands down one of the most robotic actors of our time. He can’t even react to getting shot with believability; you’d think someone hit him with a paper airplane.