1. WILLIE SUTTON (1901-1980)

Calling Card: Sutton was known for his various disguises.
Casualties: He never killed anyone.
Complex Says: What makes Sutton as remarkable as any bank robber in history was how he got things done. He didn’t use violent methods, an approach proven by the empty Thompson submachine gun he carried into his robberies. Rather, he used an assortment of costumes to get that paper.

His Halloween style of foul play led to a career that lasted 35 years, left over 100 banks robbed, and netted him around $2 million.

Sutton escaped from prison many times; in 1951, he was sentenced to 60-years-to-life but was released early in 1969. In a ironic turn of events, the last years of his life were dedicated to consulting banks on security matters. Years after he died, a memoir was released, entitled Where the Money Was: The Memoirs Of A Bank Robber.