In 2002, Little Brother's debut LP The Listening shook heads out of that early-aughts stupor with a traditional approach to hip-hop that owed much to the Native Tongues. 9th Wonder's production, relying almost exclusively on soul samples, kept things simple with beats for rhyming over rather than dancing to. Pop sensibilities were no where to be found. The purity of their work, summed up best by Phonte as "dope beats, dope rhymes—this hip-hop ain't really that hard," was refreshing in a year when Ja Rule and Ashanti collaborations dominated the charts.

The Noisemakers series, hosted by Hot 97's Peter Rosenberg, brings two-thirds of Little Brother together for an evening of stories and great music. Behind never-beford-heard tales from 9th and Phonte, the Noisemakers house band will play tributes to LB's music and other projects from the members of the crew. For anyone wanting to glimpse hip-hop history, this is essential material. All the previous Noisemakers events have sold out. This will be no different.

Noisemakers with Peter Rosenberg feat. 9th Wonder and Phonte
Wednesday, April 6
7 p.m.
200 Hudson St, New York
Tickets $15

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