What do you get when you cross Mystery Science Theater 3000-style kibitzing with brutal online death matches? Mortal Kombat’s King of the Hill mode. The new feature replicates the old-school arcade winner-stays convention by allowing online spectators a chance to view your match while they wait for their turn to challenge the reigning champ. The only thing missing is the sound of the quarters getting slapped on the ledge at the bottom of the screen.

Spectators control avatars during the fight and can boo, cheer, raise skunks over their heads, and even discover special moves to make the experience exciting for everyone. After a match is over, you can earn respect points from the onlookers if you impressed them with your hand (and feet, and blade) styles. If this feature is as badass as it looks in the trailer below, we could be looking at a mandatory feature for fighting games going forward.