Damn, can Mark Zuckerberg live? 

No sooner had a federal appeals court tossed out the most recent legal attack from the Winklevoss Twins than another skeleton in Zuck's closet, Paul Ceglia, launched his second lawsuit against the Facebook founder, Business Insider reports. 

Paul Ceglia first sued Mark Zuckerberg back in July of last year claiming that, because of an initial investment of $2,000, Zuckerberg agreed to give him 50% ownership of the company that became Facebook. The case was thrown out due to lack of evidence. Now, nearly a year later, Ceglia, who has a criminal record that includes charges of fraud, is back with a new law firm (DLA Piper), new lawsuit and new evidence to back up his claim. 

The evidence consists of over a dozen e-mails between him and Mark Zuckerberg from July 2003 to when Facebook was created in July 2004. In the alleged e-mails, Zuckerberg and Ceglia discuss how the latter will fund "the face book", how the original "face book" project was not completed on time, and how Zuckerberg is stalling a group of upperclassmen who are working on a similar website. They then go on to detail how Zuckerberg told Ceglia that the "face book" project wasn't doing well, and how he was thinking of shutting it down and sending Ceglia back his $2,000 seed money.

So, of course, Ceglia is arguing that everything Zuckerberg told him in those e-mails was a lie, and that because of a contract he submitted as part of his new set of evidence, he's entitled to half of Zuckerberg's share of Facebook. 

Facebook told Business Insider that it believes the new evidence is fake.  

Why did Paul Ceglia wait so long to file his lawsuit against Zuckerberg? How did he magically find all the e-mails a year later? We have no idea. Those are all questions that will presumably be answered in court. 

To view all the new evidence presented by Ceglia and his DLA Piper legal team, head over to Business Insider

[via Business Insider