WHAT: The hottest dish I’ve ever eaten
WHERE: Salad King, Toronto
WHEN: Sunday (March 27), afternoon
I love spicy food, so I'm always trying new ways to keep my mouth on fire. My homie DJ P-Plus took me to the new Salad King restaurant to try their spring rolls and Thai dishes. You can decide how spicy you want your meal with the chilis indicator. I asked the waiter how spicy “3 chilis” was and he laughed at me and told me that he eats all his meals with “20 chilis.” I guess I was a bit naïve and I tried the “3 chilis.” The dish was so spicy I was not able to finish it. My West Indian ancestors would laugh at me… We later found out from other waiters that the “20 chilis” kid was a liar; he can’t even try “2 chilis”! So I don’t feel that bad.