Cracker Barrel
Everywhere Good People Abound
Side of the Road, USA

"The best days on tour are the ones where we're able to get a late check-out at the motel and take a leisurely morning to have have real sit-down breakfast like adults rather than pretending that a V8 and powdered donuts cover your nutritional bases. On those days, the ole' C.B. is our go-to: Nothin fancy, just solid breakfast choices slightly above diner fare, with an atmosphere of Confederate Disneyland. (And, I must add, a slight air of exoticism because we only have one of them in Maryland, and it's a half-hour outside Baltimore. WTF?)

"I always go with the Marionberry pancakes with whipped cream, but the Old-Timer's Breakfast is a group favorite as well. Another fun fact: They have really adorable little muffin containers, if you don't finish yours at the table.

"(Visitor's Note: Once the waiter or waitress finds out you're in band, you'll be sure to hear about the time they waited on J. Geils in 1987.)"