Here’s a quick visual summary of this trailer: muscular men set in bronze-texture-seeping, CGI-heavy backdrop, shouting war-mongering rants. Sounds familiar? Yeah, so far The Immortals reminds us of 300, too.

Tarsem Singh (The Cell and The Fall) has shown his ability more as a visual artist with captivating imagery than a filmmaker who churns out cohesive narratives. So even if we’re not too adamant about the  plot or character development of The Immortals, we have high hopes in terms of its aesthetics. 

But our premature judgments may be wrong. The cast is pretty strong, with Henry Cavill (your new Superman) and Freida Pinto fighting to steal scenes away from a villainous Mickey Rourke.

The Immortals centers on Theseus (Cavill), who gets chosen by Zeus to fight against an uprising titan (Rourke) and his army of terror that threatens to destroy Olympus, where the gods rest their domes. Backed by the Epirus Bow, which shoots laser beam arrows, a fine priestess (Pinto), and a slave (Stephen Dorff), Theseus heads into an epic battle that we're guessing will play out like a hybrid of Clash of the Titans and the aforementioned 300.

The Immortals has a November 11 release date.