Lawsuit time! Publisher Electronic Arts is being sued for millions of dollars by Madden NFL programmer Robin Antonick. Antonick, who helped develop the original John Madden Football back in 1988, claims he signed a contract stating he would receive royalties on any subsequent game that was based on the technology that he worked on.  His last royalty check was in 1992, so he assumed that the more recent Madden games were built from the ground up. 

The complaint states that the recent publicity over the 20th anniversary of the Madden franchise brought some facts to light that may indicate that the current generation's games are actually still derived from original software created by Antonick. So let's see: that's...*carries the 1*...19 YEARS OF ROYALTIES OWED. Holy crap. If these accusations turn out to be true, we may be hearing EA yell, “BOOM!  Where’d that truck come from?” as they write the check. [via Game Informer]   

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