If you're anything like us, the Internet, for all its glories, can also be a bit of a kick in the ass. No sooner have you sat down to work or hammer out some emails than a post on your Facebook wall or an item in your RSS reader pulls you in a million different directions culminating in a three-hour Wikipedia binge.

A virtual timeout from the online fray, DoNothingFor2Minutes.com is designed to help you recenter yourself after x amount of hours on the Web. The site is merely a serene image of the sunset over an ocean soundtracked by the crashing of waves.

But despite its simplicity, DNF2M is not necessarily as passive as it sounds. The site displays a counter that counts down from 2:00, and if you so much as move your mouse or touch your keyboard, the count automatically starts over and delivers a red "FAIL" message.

You've really got to commit to the nothingness.

Here: take a break.