While last year's initial Cowboys & Aliens trailer sparked our interest, this follow up does what it’s intended to do: It hits mainstream America with all of the generic features one can fathom.

The first portion of the preview sets up the plot, as we’re introduced to a mysterious vagabond (Daniel Craig) entering a shabby town in the Wild West. After he greets a few locals by smashing beer bottles over their faces, an alien invasion begins, leaving the town's old salt (Harrison Ford) bewildered as fuck. Followed by a brief glance into the past, hinting tidbits of the protagonist and his high-tech bracelet’s origin, we’re presented a bunch of effects shots scored by turgid rock music.

And we get why Olivia Wilde’s scenes get the most play (including a much appreciated nude shot). The studio is obviously trying their best to draw in the younger male population. The jury is still out, though. Cowboys & Aliens looks like it could be fun, and we're always down to watch Sam Rockwell steal as many scenes as possible.

Directed by Jon Favreau (Iron Man and Iron Man 2), Cowboys & Aliens joins the crowded summer movie season on July 29.