When a school shooting occurs, people forget that many times the demonized perpetrators behind the bullets are in fact children of regular people. Most likely hardworking citizens like the rest of us, who never imagined their children would go off and cause such an atrocity. Some have gone completely underground to avoid media harassment, while others have openly made dry public apologies. It must be a perplexed feeling of guilt accompanied by tremendous amount of pain, and writer-director Shawn Ku’s Beautiful Boy attempts to capture such sentiments.

Just off the first glimpse, it’s clear the film will be disheartening. Michael Sheen (The Queen) and Maria Bello (A History of Violence) star as a couple who have to deal with the death of their child, and how they find out it was actually their own kid who caused the killings is effectively set up in this trailer. With just enough ambiguity, and hints about what types of difficulties the lovers now have to endure, we’re introduced to a side of school shootings that's not often discussed. 

Beautiful Boy will heavily depends on Sheen and Bello’s performances, for which we have high hopes. The film is expected to open in select cities in May.