Before it was appended with an overblown blockbuster in 2011, complete with a cheesy, special effects Jeff Bridges, Tron was an overblown 1982 blockbuster with incredible special effects and a real (young) Jeff Bridges. The original incarnation, featuring a classic synthesizer score by Wendy Carlos, boasts a fairly terrible editing job, and thus a fairly weak plot, but for its time, the visuals were unprecedented.

Bridges stars as a hacker/software engineer who is digitized by the very mainframe that he works on and thus drawn into a neon world where he must fight for survival. It was made for the big screen, so this is the best way to see it. -Finn Cohen

Tron (1982)
Friday, April 8 and Saturday, April 9
Midnight (both nights)
Prytania Theatre
5339 Prytania St, New Orleans
Tickets $9

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