Richard Branson

Position: Chairman of Virgin Group
Year: Coming soon
Complex says: While some people enter into their second childhood when they grow up, Richard Branson has never left his first. At least that's what it seems like.

The high school dropout turned billionaire is one of the most recognizable wild, eccentric rich dudes out there. Never content with just being still, Branson has stayed busy blowing his cash, whether it's buying his own island, crossing the Atlantic in a hot air balloon, or speed racing through that same ocean in a motorboat. He has even talked about setting up a space tourist program for us regular folk (ah, no thanks).

But what’s his most ambiguous idea? He plans to travel by submarine deep down into the ocean. Like really deep. Further than anyone else has ever gone. Try "36,000 feet below" deep. If everything goes as planned, the Deep Flight Challenger could be touching the ocean's floor later this year.