Imagine this domino effect of bad fortune: Seeing that your wallet is full of lint, you punch those four digits into the ATM machine, but realize your accounts have been frozen. Then, after heading back home utterly confused and pissed, you discover hidden surveillance cameras all throughout the crib, which causes your wife (or live-in girlfriend) to send you packing. And the worst part is that you were totally defenseless against someone else’s complete upheaval of your world. In Tony Scott’s livewire and enthralling Enemy Of The State, all of that happens to Will Smith’s character, a lawyer who’s framed for murder by the National Security Agency. So what’s the moral of the story? The NSA, or any other magnanimous government outfit, can shut down your life with the ease of a finger swatting a fly. Makes you think twice about downloading that new Lupe Fiasco album illegally, doesn’t it?