Just days after a deadly Egyptian cobra escaped from the Bronx Zoo, a Twitter page (@BronxZoosCobra) has popped up for the loveable reptile chronicling the adventures it is having in New York. The venomous snake has over 50,000 followers and 40 tweets, which is pretty impressive for an animal with no hands and only limited access to the internet. 

It’s hard to be afraid of the deadly snake when it tweets such insightful thoughts like: “Holding very still in the snake exhibit at the Museum of Natural History. This is gonna be hilarious!” And, “You know I like fat bottomed girls. I'm from the Bronx. Duh.”

But the most interesting tweet reveals the fact that the cobra has developed political leanings, “Donald Trump is thinking about running for president?! Don't worry, I'll handle this. Where is Trump Tower exactly?”

Be sure to follow the cobra on Twitter, and if you’re in the area of the Zoo be sure to tuck your pants into your socks.

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