Eight years ago tomorrow, the United Nations General Assembly officially dedicated March 22 as World Water Day, a 24-hour span designated for all countries to focus on bettering their respective water resources. We’d all perish without the clear liquid, of course, so World Water Day is quite alright with us; besides, it’s much better and more useful than pointless holidays such as World Laughter Day (the first Sunday of every May), Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day (fuck out of here) and, even worse, Valentine’s Day.

Aside from, you know, keeping us all alive, water also serves a purpose that’s far less important in life’s grand scheme yet undeniably pertinent around here: When splashed on good-looking women, the wet stuff adds an extra coat of sexiness. Frat guys who seek out wet t-shirt contests can no doubt agree. Over the years, filmmakers have acknowledged water’s universal power, finding new and clever ways to douse some of the industry’s hottest actresses for both dramatic and erotic effects. Instead of binging on Poland Spring bottles today and tomorrow, grab a towel and check out the 25 Most Seductive Water Scenes In Movies, all of which are guaranteed to make you perspire.

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