8. Tonya Cooley, The Real World: Chicago (2002)

First of all: A big "Fuck you" goes out to the entire Chicago crew and staff for putting on that whole charade during the 9/11 attacks. When the plane crashed into the buildings, the cast wasn’t huddled up in front of a TV crying, like the show made it seem. Instead, they were posing for a photo shoot at Wrigley Field. Not cool, MTV.

Now, as far as Tonya—she was just a complete buzzkill to have in the house. She used to bitch when Aneesa would walk around the house naked (we didn’t mind, naturally). She never went out with the gang. And she gave little effort when it came to working at the summer camp. Tonya's thing was being cuffed to the phone, talking to her boyfriend all day, and telling anyone who would listen all of her sob stories. Boo f'n hoo.