6. Stephen Williams, The Real World: Seattle (1998)

Question: Can one bitch-made moment in front of a camera instantly turn a person into one of the most hated people in reality TV show history? Uh, yes. Yes it can.

It’s the slap heard around the world and the most famous moment in Real World history. Irene was getting ready to leave the house for good, and before she left she had some choice words for Stephen: “A marriage between you and I would never work. You know that. Because you’re a homosexual, Stephen.”

Dude couldn't handle it: He grabbed his crotch, faked a laugh, called her a bitch, threw her doll in the water, and then ran up on her car, opened the door, and smacked her open palm style (it was a weak-ass smack, but a smack is a smack).

The best part: Irene would eventually be proven right. In 2008, Stephen finally came out of the closet.